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Correctness in positioning and spatial data management have always been an important aspect of every geoscience related industry. Epecially nowadays with the advent of new geospatial data gathering devices, data management and positioning has become a fundamental issue that professionals of all categories must deal with on a daily basis. Geograf offers different services related to these two main areas for private companies and public authorities.

Education and training

AS Geograf is in a unique situation in which we combine high professional knowledge with practical challenges. We are in close contact with the industry every day offering seismic services, navigation services and consultancy services. That is the reason why we can offer a range of courses to the industry and act as supervisors on 100% theoretical post graduate work.

We offer numerous courses for our customers and clients:

  • GIS for Geophysicists & Geoscientists – 1 day course
    • GIS, geodesy, coordinate systems, reference surfaces, datum, map-projections
    • Provides a background and awareness of Geospatial Data related to geophysical prospecting
  • Theory of Errors in Positioning and Survey – 3 Day Course
    • Least Square Adjustment & Trilateration
    • Kalman filter basics
    • Target group is offshore navigators and surveyors
  • Comprehensive Training for Offshore Navigators - 5 or 10 day courses (depending on level of detail)
    • GIS, GNSS, Spatial Data Types, Data Display, Coordinate Reference Systems, Map Projections, Binning, Trilateration Networks, Underwater Positioning, Quality Control, UKOOA Formats, Spatial Data Analysis

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Navigation QC/QA and post mission re-processing

We provide onboard an in-house QC consultancy using the software tools ResProg for QC and processing of navigation data. The Geograf ResProg tool offers world class functionality for automated computing of the positions of geophysical equipment deployed in the sea. The Resprog tool is designed to use an extensive variety of navigation sensor data such as GNSS, underwater acoustics and heading devices into an integrated positioning solution which provides comprehensive quality control information.

DISKOS data loading QA/QC

We help our clients to report their geospatial data to DISKOS according to NPD Yellow Book Standards for all kinds of surveys (2D, 3D, 3D merges, 4D and site surveys). We perform QA procedures and collect, check and send the correct data in order to store it into the databank. Our checks include CRS correctness and data consistency, headers completeness and DISKOS Media Delivery Form completion.

Our service provides holistic approach to data loading to Diskos:

  • We prepare all data types in one stanging area
  • We ensure common naming
  • We ensure completeness, consistency between data types
  • Our system is faster than current workflows
  • We have a systematic, efficient and centralized workflow

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Consultancy services

Our broadly experienced consultants in geosciences are often in-sourced to client companies to fill competence fields not provided by these companies’ own personnel. Depending on type of job we will use the most appropriate tool. We use our own proprietary ResTool package and GIS software, such as ESRI family GIS products among others.

Our experts provide advice and analysis related to:

  • Geodetic and Coordinate reference System
  • Seismic navigation industry standard format requirements for marine 2D and 3D
  • Rig positioning
  • Survey planning
  • GIS studies
  • Data analysis/Data management

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Data management

Coordinate and geospatial information data is of paramount importance in all fields, including offshore exploration, selection of drilling location and cartographic databases and mapping.

Although simple in concept, there are many challenges to ensure that geospatial data is properly attached to the real world coordinate data. Any dataset related to geophysical data for oil prospecting and interpretation, cartography, GNSS positioning, etc., must be correctly located because of the economic consequence a simple error can cause.

Geograf has knowledge and expertise in spatial data handling. We are able to retrieve spatial attributes from any source, whether it is a standard formatted UKOOA file or a proprietary binary file. We extract, generate, analyze, concatenate and present geo-spatial attributes.

Data management for geospatial data within geophysical enterprise systems, is one of Geograf strongest points. We look upon data management as the assurance that geospatial data exist as unique, accurate and complete data sets. Geograf calls this “Extended QC”. Our experts ensure that the quality of the data is properly reference to positions on the earth after, during and before migrating data from spatial database to spatial database.

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DRONES, GIS and Remote Sensing

Our GIS experts have experience in spatial analysis, data management and mapping, capable of performing different studies integrating vectorial, raster and database information.

With Remote Sensing techniques we can perform change detection and monitoring studies, such as new building detection, land use/land cover classification, spatial database update, etc. For these purposes, we integrate GIS and image processing procedures that allow us to extract the maximum quantity of information from the geospatial data (multispectral satellite and aerial imagery, drone data, 3D data and database) and to provide a high quality product to our clients.

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Software development

Our proprietary ResProg software package developed and supported by Geograf, is among the leading and most user-friendly tools for navigation QC, data processing and GIS analysis. By using seismic data in the navigation QC process and vice versa, the ResProg method effectively cuts processing time and use of personnel resources while maintaining flawless information quality. ResProg is available for purchase or lease.

Apart from our proprietary software suit tools, we offer a variety of customized tools in different programming languages that adapt to the tasks and necessities of the customer under platforms such as ArcGis.

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